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Minority government

A minority government, minority cabinet or minority parliament is a cabinet formed in a parliamentary system when a political party or coalition of parties does not have a majority of overall seats in the parliament. It is sworn into office, with or without the formal support of other parties, to enable a government to be formed. Under such a government, legislation can only be passed with the support of enough other members of the legislature to provide a majority, encouraging multi-partisanship. In bicameral parliaments, the term relates to the situation in the chamber whose confidence is considered most crucial to the continuance in office of the government. A minority government tends to be much less stable than a majority government because if they can unite for the purpose, opposing parliamentary members have the numbers to vote against legislation, or even bring down the government with a vote of no confidence.


Balance of power (parliament)

In parliamentary politics, balance of power is a situation in which one or more members of a parliamentary or similar chamber can by their uncommitted vote enable a party to attain and remain in minority government. The term may also be applied to the members who hold that position. The members holding the balance of power may guarantee their support for a government by either joining it in a coalition government or by an assurance that they will vote against any motion of no confidence in the government or will abstain in such a vote. In return for such a commitment, such members may demand legislative or policy commitments from the party they are to support. A person or party may also hold a balance of power in a chamber without any commitment to government, in which case both the government and opposition groupings may on occasion need to negotiate for that persons or partys support.


38th government of Turkey

The 38th government of Turkey was a caretaker government of Turkey led by Sadi Irmak, an independent member of the Turkish senate.


40th government of Turkey

The 40th government of Turkey was a short term government that governed Turkey in 1977. It was a minority government of Republican Peoples Party led by Bulent Ecevit.


43rd government of Turkey

The 42nd government of Turkey came to an end because of the defeat of Bulent Ecevits CHP in by-elections. However, CHP was still the largest party in the parliament, and Suleyman Demirel could not found a coalition government. Instead, he asked for the support of the other parties, which were reluctant to participate in the government. Finally, Necmettin Erbakan of the National Salvation Party agreed to support the minority government of AP.


51st government of Turkey

Both the 49th and 50th governments were True Path Party and Social Democratic Populist Party SHP coalition governments, but after SHP merged with Republican Peoples PartyCHP and Deniz Baykal was elected as the new leader of CHP, CHP stipulated an earlier date for the scheduled elections, and the coalition came to end.