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Government district

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A government district or government area is any part of a city or town in which the primary land use is by state institutions, as opposed to a residential neighbourhood, commercial district and industrial zone, or other types of neighborhoods. In some cities, authorities use planning or zoning laws to define the boundaries of government districts.

In most national and many sub-national capital cities there are distinct government districts centred on the national legislature. However, non-capitals may also have an administrative district centered on city hall or a government office building.


1.1. Examples Canada

In the national capital, Ottawa, the main government district, centered on Parliament Hill is within Downtown Ottawa part of Centretown, but could be extended to include small parts of Lower Town and Sandy Hill if the prime ministers and government generals residences are included, as well as the district of Hull, Quebec in the neighboring city of Gatineau where several ministries are headquartered. These areas are all linked by the ceremonial route known as "Confederation Boulevard".

In Quebec City, the provincial capital of Quebec, the Complexe du Parlement including the Parliament Building and several other government buildings, are located within the neighborhood of Parliament Hill. This is within the districts of Vieux-Quebec - Cap-Blanc - colline Parlementaire and Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which are themselves in the borough of La Cite-Limoilou.

Toronto, Ontarios government district is centered on Queens Park home of the provincial parliament.

Edmonton Albertas main government district, is centered on Capital Boulevard 107 Street south of Jasper Avenue which is home to the Alberta Legislature Building and the Federal Public Building. However Edmonton City Hall and Canada Place anchor another government cluster to the east.