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Outline of government

ⓘ Outline of government

Form a More Perfect Union -

Establish Justice -

Insure Domestic Tranquility -

Provide for the Common Defense -

Promote the General Welfare -

Secure the Blessings of Liberty -


1. History of government

History of government

Basic concepts of Government

Ordered government

Limited government

Representative government

Landmark English Documents

Magna Carta

Petition of Right

English Bill of Rights

English Colonies


Royal Colonies - New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

  • Council
  • Bicameralism

Proprietary colonies - Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware

  • Unicameralism

Charter colonies - Connecticut and Rhode Island

The Coming of Independence

New England Confederation

Albany Plan of Union




Popular sovereignty

Declaration of Independence

Critical Period

Articles of Confederation


Presiding Officer

Creating and Ratifying the Constitution

Framers of the Constitution -

Virginia Plan -

New Jersey Plan -

Connecticut Compromise -

Three-Fifths Compromise -

Slave Trade Compromise -

Federalists -

Anti-Federalists -

Quorum -


2. Forms of government

Who Can Participate

Democracy -

Dictatorship -

  • Autocracy -
  • Oligarchy -

Geographic Distribution of Power

Unitary government -

Federal government -

Confederate government Confederation -

Relationship Between Legislative and Executive Powers

Presidential government -

Parliamentary government -


3. The Constitution

Basic Principles

Popular Sovereignty

Limited Government

  • Rule of law
  • Constitutionalism

Separation of powers

Checks and balances

  • Veto

Judicial review

  • Unconstitutional



4. Legislature


Unicameralism Multicameralism Bicameralism Tricameralism Tetracameralism Upper house Senate Lower house


Parliamentary system Parliamentary group Member of Parliament International parliament

Parliamentary procedure

Committee Quorum Motion no-confidence


Congress Member of Congress City council Councillor The Estates

Legislator -

Committee member -

Trustee -

Delegate -

Partisan -

Politico -

Senator -