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Anagrafe nazionale della popolazione residente

The Anagrafe nazionale della popolazione residente, also known by the acronym ANPR, is the national register office of Italy. It is maintained by the Ministry of the Interior of Italy. It was created by article 62 of decree 82/2005 Code for Digital Administration, or Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale. The local register offices held by each of Italys roughly 8.000 Comuni are due to gradually merge into ANPR. The decision to set up a single centralized database was motivated by several needs: avoiding duplication of communication between different bodies within the public administration; guaranteeing greater certainty and quality to the register data, through univocal national standards; automating and supplanting written communications between administrations, for example in the cases of residence changes, emigration, immigration, censuses, and so on. As of November 2019, 4.508 municipal registry offices had already merged into ANPR, representing a total of 35.854.124 resident citizens.


Register office (United Kingdom)

A register office or The General Register Office, much more commonly registry office, is a British government office where births, deaths, marriages, civil partnership, stillbirths and adoptions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are registered. It is the licensed local of civil registry. In Scotland, The General Register Office for Scotland GROS was in service until 2011, when this department was transferred to National Records of Scotland.